Gulin Aydin, MSW, RSW
Psychotherapist, EMDR Consultant & Coach

Gulin Aydin is the Founder of NeuroMind, a consulting company whose mission is to help leaders and organizations maximize the potential of all their people. This is achieved by leveraging brain science and translating it into practical strategies that create a “brain-friendly” culture where everyone can do their best thinking.  Gulin serves as a strategic and innovative business partner, working with organizations, teams, managers, and senior leaders to promote their effectiveness and success.  

​Gulin Aydin is a psychotherapist with over 10 years of experience working with people to promote effective and lasting change, improve relationship skills, and overcome obstacles to success.

​She knows that the key to business success is to promote the human talent of its people. Through her work as a business consultant and leadership coach she helps accelerate an organization’s success by:• cultivating effective leaders• improving communication skills• facilitating team development• finding workable solutions to its most pressing problems

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